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letter to parents to prevent new coronavirus -澳门mg真人

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what can i do to protect myself and my children?


(1) wash hands frequently

hands are exposed to various pathogens, and coronavirus is no exception. washing hands is one of the clear preventive measures.

in the following situations, it is recommended that adults and children wash their hands:

● go home;

● after coughing or sneezing;

● before touching your mouth, nose, eyes;

● before eating;

● before and after handling fresh ingredients;

● after using the toilet;

● after touching animals and animal feces.

2) wear masks reasonably

it is recommended to go less or not to take children to crowded places to avoid close contact with any patients with flu symptoms.

if you must go, wear masks reasonably to reduce the risk of infection.

(3) do not let children come into contact with wild animals

try to avoid children contacting wild animals or their droppings, let children eat game, and make sure the food is cooked thoroughly before eating.

(4) pay attention to personal hygiene

indoors, make sure that the air remains in circulation. and tell your child not to cover his mouth and nose with his hands when sneezing or coughing. the correct way is to cover his mouth and nose with a tissue or bent elbow. used paper towels should be discarded in the trash, and then wash your hands thoroughly.

(5) be alert for abnormal symptoms and seek medical attention in a timely manner

if the child and adult show the following symptoms, please consult a doctor in time:

● cough, expectoration;

● fever (body temperature> 38 °c);

● difficulty in breathing during daily activities or rest;

● pain when taking a deep breath;

● faster heartbeat;

● sudden deterioration of the condition after a cold or flu has improved;

● chills.

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