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fight against the epidemic | notice on the delay of the opening of the new semester in golden cradle -澳门mg真人

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dear parents and children:

happy new year!   

work together to fight the epidemic!

in order to strengthen novel coronavirus infection and control of pneumonia, we responded positively to the call and arrangement of national control and prevention: we decided to postpone the opening of the new term.

the purpose of delaying the start of school is to effectively reduce the population aggregation and block the spread of the epidemic. please wait patiently for the notice from the higher education authorities when the school starts.

the babies who rest at home, hope you pay attention to health and safety. the holiday has been extended. what can children do? parents don't worry, the cradle has arrangements -please parents and children seriously complete the daily learning and life punch in class.

we hope that all children and their parents and friends will be safe and healthy in the new year of the rat!

                                               beijing golden cradle huarong kindergarten

february 3, 2020

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