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the student integrated platform provides online learning services for students, which is convenient for students to complete course learning, homework, q & a, participate in online examination, easily obtain credits and graduate successfully. log in to the student's mobile terminal, login account name: student number, login password: original password. select relevant universities.

1.1 student personal information management

upload avatars, modify contact information, modify preschool graduation information, upload photos and materials, and modify login passwords.

1.2 student status information view

including student batch, id number, student number, class, professional and other information.

1.3 online course study

learn current semester courses, complete assignments, participate in discussions, answer questions and exams, review progress, and update grades.


1. the study time shall be at least 100 minutes to get credits.

2. discussion area, q&a, and exam: after the administrator has created it, the student can participate in the discussion, answer questions (the pc needs to download and install the client), and the exam.

1.3.1 online learning

after the student logs in to the comprehensive platform (the login name is the student number), switch to "online course study" and select the corresponding course to start learning.

1.3.2 online operation

students can do homework online, and they can choose to quit during the completion process. after exiting, they can continue to answer questions. if the job test fails, there will be a corresponding prompt at the bottom of the page after the rollover. according to the number of times the platform can participate in the job, you can re-enter and retake the test within the number of times. after the test, the test result is automatically updated to pass, and the score submitted by the last job is recorded.

1.3.3 online q & a

after adding questions and answers to the course that needs to be answered, the administrator enters the answering room at the corresponding answering time. students who study the course can answer questions online in various forms such as video, voice, text and documents.

firstly, you need to download the client on the page and install it by default. the gray prompt in the figure below shows that the administrator has not arranged for answering questions.

secondly, after the administrator arranges the answer, the students enter the question.

finally, students can interact with the teacher online to put forward and explain questions.

i want to speak: when participants need to conduct a voice chat, they must press this button to communicate with all participants in the q&a session;

application: you can write content, share documents, etc. in the whiteboard, which is equivalent to the master.

shared documents: this feature is only available for the main speaker.

1.3.4 online forum

after the administrator sets up the forum in the course, all the students who study this course can enter the discussion forum to express their views on the course and learn the feelings. publish or reply to get the corresponding score.

1.3.5 online exam

after the course teacher has arranged the exam, the student can check the exam content in the exam column. and you can take an online exam without having to receive time and space restrictions.

click the "in progress, please take the exam as soon as possible" button in the image below to enter the exam page; then click "start exam"; finally submit the exam, you can complete the exam. after submitting, students can see the correct answer.

1.4 viewing grades

check out the grades of all the students' study courses.

1.5 downloading documents uploaded by various administrators

after the administrator uploads frequently used documents to the system, students can download the documents from the download center.

1.6 selection and submission of graduation thesis

the paper management module eliminates the limitations of students and teachers who must choose the topic, review and interaction. they can conduct online paper review, topic selection and scoring. each site can organize their own papers to reply, or they can organize their own schools. breaking the limitations of time and space, to a certain extent, it simplifies the work of teachers and students, and improves the efficiency of the paper process.

after the paper batch is created by the administrator and the student is approved, the student can select the topic.

note: this feature is only available to site students who are organized by the general school.

1.7 viewing notifications from administrators

there are two ways to view notifications: method 1 is viewed in the notifications section of the learning center; method 2 is viewed in the announcements section under desktop.

1.8 download the app client and bind it

students can use app for online learning. android mobile users can search "wencai school" or "i will learn" through download channels such as app treasure to download. ios users search and download directly on the applestore.

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