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l information management platform function introduction

the information management platform covers the entire business management process of adult education (including online education). ensure that students can use the information technology to achieve efficient management from the admission process, student registration, teaching management, graduation thesis to graduation management and degree reporting management process, and quickly improve the information management level of the college.

the main functions include:

ø site management:

2 site details collection and timely update;

2 sub-site management;

2 responsibilities and contact details of staff in all departments of the main school;

2 quickly send the relevant notice to the person in charge of the site;

2 site enrollment

ø admissions management:

2 into the data import platform;

2 quick admission for the purpose of generating student status;

2 enrollment forecast name, online registration;

2 fast entry into the school;

2 the acceptance letter is printed quickly;

2 site enrollment professional and enrollment control

ø student status management:

2 rapid student registration;

2 student information inquiry;

2 class management;

2 student status changes;

2 student list printing;

2 score management;

2 student electronic file

ø educational management:

2 professional teaching plan template;

2 an independent start plan can be set for the class;

2 meet open book, closed book, online study, online test;

2 set the grade rules;

2 online course management and maintenance;

ø examination management:

2 test plan designation;

2 quick appointment exams;

2 quick test information statistics;

2 check-in form and place sign printing;

2 quick exam arrangements;

2 fast student arrangements;

2 quick score entry

ø graduation thesis:

2 students apply to participate in graduation thesis;

2 general school organization, site organization two ways;

2 online paper guidance;

2 online grade assessment;

2 results are automatically placed in the warehouse;

ø tuition management:

2 online and offline combination to achieve tuition collection;

2 students who are in arrears are prohibited from taking the test;

2 invoice batch printing;

2 submit tuition fees in proportion to the agreement;

2 student's payment details inquiry;

2 cost statistics

ø graduation management:

2 graduation qualifications are strictly reviewed;

2 allow graduation, graduation, and employment;

2 xinhua news agency photos are quickly imported;

2 graduate information automatically enters the graduate library;

2 graduation reports are automatically generated;

ø degree management:

2 automatic screening of students who meet the required degree;

2 automatic batch generation of bachelor's degree application form;

2 degree courses

1. function introduction of online learning platform

the standardization services of the online learning platform include online course learning services, online job testing services, online q&a services, and mobile learning services.

ø online course study

online course learning service provides specific functions such as online on demand of course content, real-time recording of course learning progress, course learning evaluation, etc. the platform will deploy the course content according to the teaching resource courseware provided by the school, and the learners of the corresponding course can carry out online learning of the course content.

the content of online learning is mainly based on the video explanation of course knowledge points, and the platform will provide learners with multi terminal learning experience (depending on the support of course resources, it can also provide course conversion and packaging services).

at the same time of learning, the platform will record the learning progress, learning time and total learning time of online learners in real time, and send them back to the service for online recording, so as to provide data basis for subsequent judgment of the specific learning progress of learners, as well as basic data for subsequent school learning behavior analysis, and the platform can also provide data analysis customized services.

the learning function of the course includes:

2 rating standard

2 course announcement

2 courseware learning

2 coursework and quizzes

2 course discussion

2 course materials

2 course q & a

2 course examination

2 test library management

ø online work and test

the online job test service provides learners with online homework and quizzes, with the test bank group as the main method. the platform builds multi-dimensional question banks based on different courses, and establishes online test papers for assignments and tests based on course learning requirements and policy rules. the standardized work is mainly based on objective questions. if necessary, it can also support subjective questions. it is necessary to configure teaching counselors to assist online review.

the platform test paper can realize the strategic group volume, ensuring that the test papers of the same job obtained by each student are different, not only can the topic extraction be realized, but also the order of the questions can be randomized, the order of the topic options is random, etc., to ensure that the online job is not similar plagiarism occurred. the platform records the learner's answer to each exam and implements automatic review and grade generation.

ø online q & a

the online q & a service adopts the real-time audio-video interactive teaching method, which is suitable for teachers to comment and guide courses. the platform can arrange teachers' q & a plan according to the needs, and the participating teachers and students only need to enter the online channel on time. the online q & a service provided by the platform supports the synchronous access of pc and mobile terminals. in addition to supporting voice and video interaction, it also supports multiple interactive operations such as electronic whiteboard, web browsing synchronization, desktop sharing, video playback sharing, document sharing, text communication, etc. to meet various teaching programs of online tutoring for teachers and help teachers achieve effective online q & a. at the same time, the platform supports the process recording function, which can record the question answering process and facilitate the subsequent formation of available teaching resources.

ø mobile learning

mobile learning will provide mainstream android and ios platform mobile client app, which realizes mobile access for online course learning, online job testing, online q&a, etc. it also reflects the convenience, efficiency and timeliness of the internet era, and also enable users to make full use of the time for all-weather real-time learning.

the main functions of mobile learning:

2 video courseware learning

2 online jobs and tests

2 online q & a

2 online evaluation

l introduction to the operating environment

wencai school's information platform for education has created a super-large-scale education cloud platform that serves the continuing education of adult higher education and training. the cloud platform has invested in the construction of the idc data center according to the high standard of telecommunications t3 . the data center has four lines of access to telecommunications, china unicom, mobile and education. with a building area of 7,200 m2, it can provide an installed capacity of 1,000 cabinets.

the center is equipped with safety protection measures such as shockproof, windproof, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, anti-theft, lightning protection, anti-static and temperature and humidity controllable. with physical security measures, such as very early detection gas fire extinguisher equipment, configuration of dual-channel mains and high-quality ups power diesel generator multiple guarantee; set room monitoring, anti-theft alarm system. at the same time, it has a strict management system, such as the computer room access management regulations, health management standards, 7*24h duty inspection system, the visiting staff of the computer room have been approved, controlled, identified and recorded.

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