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oriental kindergarten carries out the activity of "double ninth festival. deep respect for the elder -澳门mg真人

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the oriental kindergarten "double ninth festival. deep respect for the elderly " activity ended successfully!

the sophomore class children came to the nursing home on behalf of the kindergarten to give gifts to grandparents and performances to send blessings! this warm and loving picture touched every old man present. let the old people have a happy, warm and unforgettable double ninth festival, and let the children learn more about the traditional culture of the double ninth festival and cultivate the traditional chinese virtues of respecting the elderly, respecting the elderly, loving the elderly and helping the elderly. i believe that through such an event, in the heart of the children, there will be a seed that knows how to cherish, understand love, and learn to be grateful. i wish every old man: good health and happy family! happy double ninth festival!

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