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"caring for the teeth, starting from a young age" -澳门mg真人

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the golden osprey community health service center in yueyang gave a dental health talk for children.

method / step 1:

in the deciduous period, parents need to help children clean their mouths and urge children to develop good hygiene habits. children love to eat candy, chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc., and control the children to eat too much candy and sweets. these foods are easy to adhere to the tooth surface, fermenting acid, and easily cause dental caries. it is necessary to educate children to brush their teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after meals, and correct the bad habits of children eating snacks before going to sleep.

method / step 2:

when children can brush their teeth, parents should teach their children how to brush their teeth correctly. otherwise, they cannot effectively clean the mouth, prevent dental disease, and sometimes damage the teeth and directly cause dental disease. for example, using the horizontal brush method, the tooth neck is “sawed out of a gap, and the stomatology department calls it a wedge-shaped defect. when it encounters cold, heat, acid, and sweetness, it will cause pain, and the pulp will be damaged after a long time.

method / step 3:

at the same time, in the diet, children should be given more natural foods, milk, eggs, colored vegetables, coarse grains and vegetables and fruits, marine animals and plants, fresh fruits and vegetables. frequently eating some coarse and fiber-rich foods can enhance chewing activities, increase saliva secretion, reduce residual food in the teeth, and make the fungus lose its breeding environment, so that the tooth surface is kept clean.

method / step 4:

how children should protect their teeth, parents also need to regularly check the child's teeth, and find that the teeth are dark or have small holes to see a doctor, so that early detection and early treatment. avoid caries to continue to develop pulp disease or apical periodontitis, do not wait for the child to call the pain to check, once the child complains of toothache, most of them are already late.

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