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hengyang industrial workers university was founded in 1975 and has been filed by the ministry of education. [documentation no. (1984) no. 168, college code 50798], now the hunan provincial government is in charge of higher education institutions with higher qualifications for admission to higher education. the school is located in the famous cultural city with long history and beautiful scenery. hengyang, the second largest city in hunan province, is located in the nursery of zhuhui district. the campus covers an area of 42,340 square meters and is divided into teaching area, internship area and living and leisure area. the teaching area has a library, a multimedia computer center, a voice center, a projection classroom, and laboratories such as electronics, electrician, hydraulics, single-chip microcomputer, plc, and numerical control simulation. there are more than 800 sets of advanced electromechanical, mold, and cnc machine tools in the internship area. wait for 5 internship factories.

the school has a strong faculty, and now has a group of more than 150 full-time and part-time faculty members who are experienced in teaching, educating, educating and educating people, including 42 associate professors and senior titles. the school currently offers 21 majors (see the list of enrollment professionals), covering science, engineering, literature, law, economics, management and other multidisciplinary categories to meet the needs of all types of talent.

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