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xinghe puzzle kindergarten -澳门mg真人

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dear parents, i will tell you quietly and seriously.

the child is a lamp that illuminates the way you go home.

you are running outside every day, the night is coming, in order to get home as soon as possible.

because there are children in your family waiting for you, waiting for you to go home and waiting for you to cook.

so please believe that the child is a light that illuminates the way you go home.

dear parents, i will tell you quietly and seriously.

children are here to make you grow, to perfect and enrich your life.

when you feel that you have lost a lot of yourself because of your child.

when you blame, because you have children, you don’t have your own time.

please believe that because you are not growing enough.

1. growing up is not only for children, but also for parents.

2. don't pay too much attention to the children's disobedience to you. pay more attention to the fact that they are always observing your behavior color.

3. what children need is an example rather than criticism, listening rather than teaching, acceptance rather than control…children are closer to life than us, less arrogant, more empathy.

children are the best gift from heaven. they are pure and clean like angels. please take care of them with warmth.

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