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oriental kindergarten parent-澳门mg真人

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i. theme: "colorful autumn, happy childhood"

ii. design idea:

parent child activities are a part of education and teaching activities. harmonious and warm atmosphere is the necessary condition for children's healthy and lively growth. in order to broaden children's horizons, feel the beauty of autumn nature, enrich children's knowledge, enhance the family relationship between children and parents, the interaction between parents and teachers, and the opportunity for parents to communicate with each other, our first class decided to organize this parent-child autumn tour. through the activities, children, parents and teachers can interact in the activities, which is conducive to enhancing emotion, strengthening communication and exchange between homes, unifying education concept, exercising children's hiking ability and strong will, and letting children experience the joy brought by social practice activities, and stimulating children's curiosity and exploration desire.

iii. venue: longshan flower language world

iv. time: 8:00-14:30 a.m. on october 26, 2018

v. objectives:

1. promote emotional exchanges between parents and children, so that parents can have a better understanding of their children's opportunities, deepen their homeland, teachers and students, parent-child relationship.

2. in the activity, let the children approach nature, feel the infinite mystery of nature, and experience the fun of the event.

vi. activity preparation:

1. talk before the event: educate young children to pay attention to safety and take the hands of adults. to protect public property, to be hygienic and polite. parents are required to take care of their children, and all obey the command and follow the rules of the event. encourage young children to boldly discover and ask questions boldly.

2. ask each family to prepare drinking water and food for children.           

3. game props, prizes and venue layout.           

4. prepare the class card to gather the children in the class.           

5. take health care drugs, tissues, newspapers and other necessary articles.           

6. educate children to love environmental sanitation, not to litter, to be an environmental protection guard, to prepare some plastic bags, to clean up the garbage left by the activity, and to make a clean face in the activity place.

vii. activity flow:

1. at 8:40, the parents will lead the children to finish breakfast and gather in the kindergarten, and take the children to the bathroom.

2. at 8:50, all the parents and teachers of the children gathered to get on the bus in order and set off on time for longshan flower language world

3. 8:50-9:30, each class will lead the children to their destination and take a rest.

4, 9:30-10:00, concentrated daping children's rhythm performance time   

5, 10:10-11:10, class group activities time, feel the joy of autumn, take a group photo.   

6, 11:10-11:40, class game competition activities.   

7, 11:40-12:30, parent-child chinese food, parents accompany the children to eat.   

8, 12:30-14:30, free time, parents accompany the children to watch the scenery.   

9, at 14:30, the event is over, the gates are gathered, and you can return by special bus.

viii. in order to make our activities more smoothly carried out, parents are requested to cooperate with us in the following work:

1. please come to the kindergarten at 8:40 on the day of the activity, and take the car arranged by the kindergarten.

2. listen to the instructions for all actions. the children and parents participating in the tour must follow the arrangement of the team leader and the school.

3. parents are requested to provide some travel safety education for their children. during the autumn outing, they must take their children with them to ensure their safety. take good care of your clothes and valuables to prevent loss.

4. on the same day, children wear green pocket bags and shoes that are convenient for sports, and parents provide drinking water, paper towels, diaphragms, etc.

5. get on and off the vehicle in order. when on the vehicle, do not put your head and arms outside the window, and do not run around after getting off the vehicle.

6. pay attention to the food safety and prevent children from eating unhealthy food.

7. return to the designated place. do not leave the group activities without permission. in case of special circumstances, please inform the team leader or the park leader in time.

8. pay attention to words and deeds, protect public property, and do not litter everywhere.

9. pay attention to safety during autumn outing, and watch your child to avoid falling and other accidents.

10. the head teacher must count the number of children at each assembly.

i wish this activity a complete success with the cooperation of all parents!

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