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parent discipline day discipline statement and specific work arrangements -澳门mg真人

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1. the schedule and contents of the activity are as follows:

class "open day" time:

1. from 09:10 to 09:30, go to the playground on the first floor and listen to the director of the park office to introduce the activity arrangement

2. from 09:30 to 12:30, watch the activity in the classroom where the child is.

"open day" activity content:

1, 09:30 - 10:00 theme teaching activities

2, 10:00 - 10:30 health class exercises (indoor sports games)

3, 10:30 - 11:00 game activities

4, 11:00 - 11:30 outdoor activities (regional activities)

5. 11:30 - 12:30 pre-meal activities and nutritious lunch

6. at 12:30, take a nap, parents leave the park, and the observation activity is over.

2. precautions:

this "half day open" activity is divided into big class grade group, middle class and small class grade group, which is carried out in two half days. according to the normal one-day activity process of kindergarten, the following contents are arranged: two class collective teaching activities, recess exercise, outdoor activities, washing, going to the toilet, drinking water, eating, after meal activities, nap and other links. although there are many parents in and out of kindergarten on open day, we still want to carry out this kind of activity, so that parents can have a deeper understanding of the work of kindergarten, and get the understanding of our work from parents and friends, so as to find a better way for home education, so as to achieve the best effect of home education. in order to ensure the safe, orderly and normal holding of this activity, parents are expected to cooperate to do the following:

1. in order to ensure the safety and order of activities, parents must sign in when they come to visit the park. when they arrive, please leave the park on time to ensure their children's rest;

2. after the meeting, please bring your stool to the class and take a seat in the area designated by the teacher, and turn off or change the vibration state of the mobile phone, do not answer the phone in the class and walk around at will, so as not to affect the development of class activities; if you need to answer the phone in special circumstances, please gently leave your seat and listen in the corridor, do not affect the attention and mood of children's activities

3. during the observation, parents are expected to adjust their mentality, observe and understand their children, and look at their children's performance in activities with appreciation. if some links need parents' participation and interaction, please actively cooperate with them;

4. in all links of half day activities, parents are requested to observe children's performance in all activities carefully according to the procedures, do not interrupt children at will, do not need to be too nervous and take care of children excessively, parents try not to let children stick around, but if children are emotional and crying, parents can pacify children and take children to participate in activities together;

5. after the activity, if parents want to take their children home, they must remember to say hello to the class teacher in advance.

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april, 2019

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