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a good day starts from the morning meeting! -澳门mg真人

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every morning at 7:30, teachers from all classes in our school have to attend the morning meeting of the kindergarten. the strict morning meeting process requires a full mental state. we use a beating note to open a happy mood every day.

1 prayer moment

pray for the children's smile as brilliant as flowers, happy life and happy growth. pray that all parents have love, childishness and respect for every child.           

2 gratitude           

let's be grateful for the happiness and growth brought by our children, the trust and support of our parents, and the energy from all our partners to create an atmosphere of love and respect.           


our educational goal is           

ideal (super long) development of group common children.           

our educational philosophy is           

all round development due to education

5 our teacher training is

understanding, caring, respect, appreciation

6 our educational characteristics are

the basic development transcends the characteristic development, and the comprehensive development transcends the special development.

7 our vision is

let the healthy and intelligent children get more!

cradle oath: i want to be a good person!

love, trust and mission bring us together. caring for today's children and benefiting tomorrow's society is my ideal. it's my belief to be responsible for children's lifelong development. bearing in mind the education concept of "due to education, all-round development", we can achieve for every child: understanding, caring, respecting and appreciating. because i know that choosing a teacher is to choose a spirit, a pursuit, a value and a way of life.

i will devote all my energy, wisdom and love to make more healthy and intelligent children!

i will fulfill my vows with my practical actions, and raise the golden cradle with my heart and blood. i'm proud to be a cradle, let the golden cradle be proud of me!

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