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beijing golden cradle huarong garden parent-澳门mg真人

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in order to cultivate children's helpful and dedicated quality, improve children's financial awareness, communication and interpersonal skills, and make use of idle children's goods. the first parent-child flea market charity sale in huarong garden, the golden cradle of beijing, opened in the hope of everyone and in the footsteps of children's growth!

scene after scene: the self-confidence of a kid in charge of a family; a picture of intelligent trading, a heritage of love, endowing the flea market with extraordinary vitality. let's review the wonderful picture of the activity together!


division of labor, team formation

a piece of creative shop signboard, a group of thoughtful devil partners, only to form the "best strength alliance team." how about it? have you been shocked by this momentum?

independent and brave           

independent trading, happy for all

to commemorate the first transaction in the process of growing up, are the devils nervous? is it brave? is it tangled? is it decisive? finally, after careful consideration, careful selection, shop around, and bargaining, i tasted the joy of “the first bucket of gold in life” and praised the confident little devils! they are independent and grown up!

happy dedication

happy sharing, love and dedication

happy face is full of self-confidence, wisdom of the business harvest growth! i can't wait to share with my friends. i personally put the transaction income into the donation box of love. the full harvest and dedication bring great happiness!

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