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"not going home tonight, happy pajamas" wonderful highlights -澳门mg真人

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in order to exercise the children's independence, self-care ability, and cultivate the child's brave and strong quality, the children in the cradle of the big class held a special "happy pajamas, not going home tonight" event on the evening of december 24.

before the activity, the children were all kinds of expectations, but the parents were all kinds of worries. the activity room was full of big bags and small bags. because of this excited mood, the children were excited all day long. let's wait and see if the children really have enough breasts to live alone without their parents!

the night finally came, and our dinner was about to begin. today's dinner is destined to be different from home. after dinner, it is a small rest time. we wait quietly for the teacher's event venue layout, and we are full of expectation for the next pajamas.

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