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golden cradle "painting kite flying dream" parent-澳门mg真人

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painted kite, flying dream


on february day, the grass grows and the orioles fly. the willows are drunk with spring smoke. the children come back early from school. they take advantage of the east wind to put the paper kite. in spring, it's a good season to fly kites. in order to carry forward the traditional folk culture of our country, in order to let the children feel the joy and interest of spring, let the children have close contact with nature, experience the joy of practical activities, and also in order to enhance the communication and communication between teachers and students, parents and children, and enjoy the warmth of family affection. on the morning of march 26, the cradle held the parent-child activity of "colorful kite flying dream".

company is the longest love confession. no matter how many "i love you" are usually said, they can't compare with the quality of parent-child company time. today, our children and parents are particularly embarrassed in the game of parent-child interaction in the infection of music. seeing that smile is the most beautiful scenery in spring!

the "painting kite flying dreams" event was successfully completed in the children's expectations and laughter.

we are particularly touched by all parents and children in the golden cradle. all actions are under the command of them. at any time, they are very civilized and orderly. they have been sticking to the last photo taking link and have always been there. all parents have set a good example for the children. thank you sincerely!   

the children’s childhood is only once. as a parent, what they can give is acceptance and companionship. i hope that we will continue to work together and let the children's childhood leave a good memory!     

thank you again for the enthusiastic participation of all parents! thanks to the cradle teachers who are united, positive and enthusiastic! thanks to people from all walks of life who support the cradle silently! with you, the children have met the most beautiful childhood!   

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