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beijing golden cradle huarong garden "childhood hasty" parent-澳门mg真人

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time flies, once the youth, now already is the child's parents. some people said that if i could, i would like to go back to that year that year, flowers are blooming, i was a student

now, the golden cradle gives you a chance to go back to the past

the annual children's day of the international children's day is coming soon. in order to give the children a truly happy childhood, in order to let everyone experience the best time of parenthood, we break the traditional tradition, do not rehearse the cultural programs, and hold the "year of love" education. let's take our parents to find the best childhood together in the 70.80.90's!

we will take part in the school sports meeting again, we will go back to school again together, and we will wear the school uniform again together.

activity time: may 25, 2019 9:08-11:30

venue: huarong yizhong gymnasium

in order to let the baby and his parents experience the happy childhood together, please cooperate with the following matters:

1. before the event, ask the parents to write down the "most happy thing" and "the most regrettable thing" of your childhood to the class teacher.

2. for the environmental sanitation of the event venue, please pay attention to cleanliness, keep the venue clean, and care for public facilities. in particular, remind parents to ban smoking in the gymnasium and set an example to be a civilized parent and audience.

3. in addition to the large and small players participating in the game, other parents or spectators are required to enter the venue with admission tickets.

4. due to limited parking at the periphery of the event venue, please try to choose a green travel mode such as public transportation.

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