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beijing golden cradle huarong garden parents half-澳门mg真人

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dear parents

hello! as time goes by, this semester will come to a complete end. the children have made great progress in playing, learning and living happily in the cradle. in order to let you know more about kindergarten education and life and promote home education, we sincerely invite you to participate in the half day open activities organized by the end of this semester.


activity time

on the morning of june 18: class 2, class 4, class 1 and class 3

morning of june 19: class 1, class 3 and class 2


event location



activity requirement


in order for children to show themselves better, parents should cooperate to do the following:

1. please come to the park on time to participate in the activities and bring your pen;

2. please set the mobile phone to vibrate during teaching activities to avoid distracting children's attention;

3. in the activity, parents should actively encourage children to participate in the activities in the park and play a model role in front of children. please don't help your children while they are studying;

4. at 11:10, the parents leave the kindergarten and give the feedback form to the head teacher.

in the process of growing up, children will experience a lot of success and failure, surprise us and disappoint us. let's accept and treat the children's performance with a common heart, at the same time appreciate our children with a caring heart, and see their progress every day with a vision of finding beauty!

let's make an appointment with love and work together for a better tomorrow for our children! thanks for the support and cooperation of parents and friends to our cradle. children are parents' and ours. it's our responsibility and parents' wish to let children spend their kindergarten life happily, safely, healthily and profitably. we believe in each other and strengthen communication, which will surely achieve our common aspiration!

cradle 2019 autumn new life forecast activity is in progress!

cradle 2019 summer class start time: july 1st - august 10th (please call: 13517306730 for details; wechat with the same number)

cradle vision: let healthy and intelligent children become more!

cradle education concept: all-round development due to education

good education is not about price, but about quality!

your baby gains many different qualities!

golden cradle gardener mother wechat

golden cradle wechat public platform

parent child hotline: 13517306730 (zhang yuanchang)

address: jinjian yayuan community, huarong county

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