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adult college entrance examination is just around the corner, let wencai school helps you! -澳门mg真人

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in 2019, the national unified entrance examination for adult colleges and universities will start in october. in order to help the majority of candidates successfully pass the adult college entrance examination, the online learning platform of "wencai school" has opened a platform for pre examination guidance for candidates of cooperative colleges and universities (candidates must register their student information on the platform of "wencai school"):            adult college entrance examination course guidance teaching video and test explanation, simulation test of the real test over the years.

with just two months of pre-examination tutoring, you can easily respond to adult college entrance examinations and achieve academic improvement.

wencai school pre-test counseling operation process

1. wencai school app settings

download the "wencai school" mobile app, after entering the app, first select the province in "my settings"

2. enter the app tutorial interface to obtain the qr code

click on "counselling" below to enter the tutorial interface, click on the qr code, click on the screenshot here, and save to the album.

3. use wechat scan code to pay attention to "public school" wechat subscription, get guidance invitation code

open wechat and click sweep in its upper right corner, then enter the scan code interface, click on the top right corner again, select the qr code from the album, click on the contact and enter the "wencai school" wechat subscription, and click on "pre-test counseling" below, get the coaching invitation code.

4. enter relevant information in the “wencai school” wechat subscription “get invitation code” interface, and get the invitation code to enter the app learning interface. select “province”, “school/institution”, “year” and “professional”, enter the “certificate number” and “mobile number” fields, click “confirm”, the “invitation code” will be displayed, click “copy”, and finally in the text. paste the invitation code in the school app and click “login” to enter the learning interface.

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