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[cradle dynamic] golden cradle to carry out fire evacuation drills -澳门mg真人

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in order to further improve the emergency response and emergency rescue ability of teachers and students, faculty and staff in the fire and other emergencies, beijing golden cradle huarong park launched a fire evacuation drill on the morning of october 12.

before the fire drill

teachers of all classes conducted teaching activities on fire protection knowledge for children, and learned simple fire prevention knowledge and escape methods so that children can more firmly grasp the emergency evacuation methods and achieve orderly evacuation.

during fire drill

at 9:23 a.m., teachers and students of the kindergarten were carrying out normal education and teaching activities in the classroom. suddenly, a sudden fire alarm sounded. the teachers quickly organized the children to fold wet towels, cover their mouths and noses, and stoop to evacuate orderly according to the evacuation route of the kindergarten emergency plan. on the way, the children quietly and orderly "escape" to the playground safety zone.

the children were concentrated in the safe area of the playground, and the teachers in each class quickly counted the number and reported to the commander. the entire exercise was tense and orderly, and it took only 3 minutes and 27 seconds to evacuate.

prevention in advance - director huang of kindergarten security explained and demonstrated the operation of fire extinguishers to the children, so that the children could truly understand the function and use of fire tools. teachers and children also used fire extinguishers in practice.

after fire drill

through the fire drill, the teachers and students of the whole park experienced the scene of fire escape, deeply understood the common sense of escape and evacuation route, improved the calm psychological quality that teachers and students should have in the face of sudden fire, let all teachers and students establish the fire safety awareness, make the alarm ring constantly, and lay a good foundation for building the fire safety "firewall" of the kindergarten!

beijing golden cradle huarong garden has always insisted on infiltrating safety education into daily teaching activities. the homes work together to protect children's safety and create a safe, healthy and happy growth environment for children.

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