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invitation to the "parent open day" event of oriental kindergarten -澳门mg真人

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dear parents:   

hello! family and kindergarten are important partners, and educating children and laying the foundation for their success is our common aspiration. the method of educating children needs to be learned and needs to be promoted. scientific, intelligent and effective guidance is formed in mutual communication and learning. in order to promote home communication and improve the quality of home-based education, our park launched a “half-day open event”. the activity time is one morning. parents and friends are requested to make arrangements for leave in advance. each family is limited to one person. in order to ensure the safety and order of the open day activities, please wear flat shoes or sneakers on the day of the event. we sincerely invite you to come and look forward to your participation!

i.activity time: 9:00-12:00 a.m. on april 25, 2019 (thursday)

freshmen class

sophomore class

9:00-12:00 am on friday, april 26, 2019

class one,

middle class

2. warm tips:

check in at 8:40 and start the activity at 9:00. please be sure to show up on time.

in order to make sure the venue is quiet and orderly, parents are requested not to bring children into the venue, and the mobile phone should be set to vibrate state. if necessary, please answer the phone outside the venue.

oriental kindergarten

april 24, 2019

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