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the college of continuing education of hunan university of technology is the functional department in charge of continuing education of hunan university of technology and the school running unit that undertakes continuing education. it is the second level college of hunan university of technology. at present, the school-running forms are mainly divided into three categories: adult higher education, full-time self-study education, job skills training and appraisal. adult higher education has two forms of correspondence, amateur education, and two levels of specialization, undergraduate (including undergraduate). there are 37 undergraduate majors in packaging engineering, printing engineering, art design, etc., including art design, accounting, engineering cost, marketing, technical materials and heat treatment technology. the full-time self-study education includes 6 undergraduate majors, such as packaging art design, visual communication design and numerical control technology. there are 17 types of work such as lathe operator, cnc lathe operator, secretary, human resource management and e-commerce engineer, which can be carried out in the vocational skill training and appraisal. in addition, it also has the qualification of 9 modules such as office software application, database and computer-aided design in the national computer information high-tech examination.

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