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hunan university of arts and science is a multidisciplinary full-time undergraduate college with a history of nearly 60 years.

the school covers an area of more than 1,400 mu. among the teachers, there are one national-level candidate for the “hundred talents project”, three members of the ministry of education teaching steering committee, and the first-level candidate for the “ten thousand talent project” of the new century of the ministry of communications.one support plan for the "new century excellent talents" of the ministry of education, and three experts enjoy the special government allowance of the state council. there are 113 teachers with senior professional titles, 344 teachers with deputy senior professional titles, and 209 doctors. there are 57 undergraduate majors covering 10 university subjects. it is open to 31 provinces, municipalities and districts, and has established cooperative relationships with more than 20 universities around the world. in 2004, it was approved to recruit foreign students, and now there are more than 23000 full-time undergraduates in the university.

the school has 4 national-level specialties and teaching reform pilot programs, 6 provincial-level specialty programs; 15 national-level and provincial-level quality courses; 1 national-level teaching team, 2 provincial university science and technology innovation teams, and 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers of "efficient and healthy production of aquatic products" and "construction and development of dongting lake ecological economic zone".the school also has more than 50 national-level linux technology training and promotion centers, academician workstations, post-doctoral workstations and other provincial-level base platforms.

the university adheres to the principle of quality, attaches great importance to the cultivation of applied and compound undergraduate talents, and forms a new pattern of all-round "combination of learning and using" applied talents cultivation.in 2014, the school was identified as one of the two pilot universities in hunan province.in april 2016, the school was identified by the provincial government as a national-level transformation pilot program for “industry-integrated engineering application-oriented undergraduate colleges”.the employment of school graduates is featured with remarkable achievements, and was awarded the title of "2015 national typical experience university for graduate employment" by the ministry of education.

the college of continuing education of hunan university of arts and science is the functional department in charge of continuing education of hunan university of arts and science and the school running unit that undertakes continuing education. in the past 50 years, the college has created a variety of school running forms and trained more than 400000 professionals at all levels for the country.

the college of continuing education adheres to the principle of "taking students as the foundation, quality as the life, and market as the guidance". it has established a teaching team based on the general undergraduate education teachers of hunan university of arts and science and supplemented by relevant experts from all walks of life in hunan province. the academic education with theoretical knowledge as the main part and the training education with ability and specialty as the main part are combined organically. it adopts the combination of entrance examination and self-test, and the combination of face-to-face and correspondence, distance education, has formed a new talent training model that meets the needs of modern market economy and social development.

at present, the continuing education institute has more than 6,000 students in adult education and self-study.in the form of cooperation with units and in accordance with the goal of "education qualification, skills qualification and employment security", the college has also set up a five-year adult undergraduate "321" mode teaching class for international economy and trade, accounting, computer science and technology, civil engineering, automation and other majors.according to the requirements of the state, province and city, the continuing education institute completes more than 20 tasks of national training, provincial training and municipal training every year, and directly benefits the president and teachers nearly 10,000 people every year.

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