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wencai online wisdom university and apu continuing education alliance strategy conference held in na -澳门mg真人

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on the morning of july 17, 2017, “wencai online wisdom university” and the apu continuing education alliance strategy conference were held in fangzhong building, nanjing. vice chairman of the lifelong work committee of the china education development strategy society, secretary general of the modern distance education collaboration group of the national university, director of the office of the network education examination committee of the ministry of education, director of the expert committee of the network education sunshine entrepreneurship platform of the ministry of education, professor yan jichang of tsinghua university, national university executive deputy secretary-general of the modern distance education collaborative group, executive deputy director of the office of the national network education examination committee, deputy director of the modern distance education sunshine admissions expert committee, professor li defang of beijing normal university; and administrative departments of continuing education from some provinces and cities across the country leaders, leaders of some colleges and universities in china, and nearly 100 people from the provinces and provinces of the “wencai school” online education platform attended the meeting.

zhang hua, director of wencai online wisdom university, made a keynote speech at the meeting. he pointed out that taobao education, strong combination, backed by alibaba big data, relying on the mature "literary talent school" online education platform, jointly launched the "wen cai online wisdom university", aimed at promoting the rapid transformation and development of china's continuing education, and accelerating the integration of the adult continuing education market with the new era "internet lifelong learning" educational philosophy. strengthen the social service function of continuing education, the integration of social education resources, the search for new education service model, for the construction of a learning society and lifelong learning services.

he elaborated on the development orientation of “wencai online wisdom university”. first, it will cooperate with alibaba's taobao education platform to build an online and offline integrated port to create an online and offline education system to strengthen the internet and education. the second is to establish a student online fragmentation learning method through the mobile client, and to build a technical guarantee for the lifelong learning of the student's continuing education; the third is to open an online education platform to connect with the alipay account through the online port of alibaba alipay. the alipay account seamlessly interfaces with the learning account, and tracks and docks the credit bank (credit mutual recognition) to achieve one-stop tracking of lifelong learning needs. the fourth is to use alibaba's artificial intelligence technology to break the restrictions in time and space, so that students can change from passive learning to active learning and interactive learning, thus improving the learning effect. fifth, the “wencai school” online education platform under the “wencai online wisdom university” is seamlessly connected through ali's technical support. it can provide more convenient and intelligent teaching and management services for universities and educational institutions, and establish school-enterprise cooperation and universities (interprovincial) alliances, organizing resources to build and share alliances. therefore, we should seize the opportunity, meet the challenges, invest passionately, advance in the face of difficulties, actively explore online and offline integrated enrollment, online students' fragmented learning, intelligent multi-dimensional assessment of learning results, and based on online continuing education at the same time, provide vocational education courses and flexible, personalized quality education for the majority of students, and create a new generation of talents with the spirit of craftsmanship.

lei hong, general manager of the online education platform of "wencai school", showed the online education platform of "wencai school". he emphasized that the online platform of "wencai school" relies on the brand cooperation of taobao education and alibaba cloud's deep support, and builds a cloud platform serving the networking of the national adult education network. first, adult education information management platform: including nine parts of enrollment, student status, teaching, educational administration, examination, finance, graduation, thesis and degree application. the whole process business management of adult higher education highlights the establishment of offline (learning center) experience shop, one-stop tracking service for lifelong learning needs, the establishment of credit bank (learning achievement certification) and the implementation of credit mutual recognition , implement online charging. second, online learning platform mobile learning, comprehensive online education service support, including online video courseware on demand online homework, discussion, online examination, real-time interactive q & a, mobile learning platform, online q & a app, integrated information query app, etc., to give full play to the characteristics and advantages of online learning. the third is the construction and sharing of curriculum resources, building resources to build and share alliances, accumulating various teaching curriculum resources, building massive question banks, and providing the necessary teaching resources for online learning; at the same time establishing or cooperating with specialized curriculum construction teams, teaching curriculum resources continuous content updates and quality optimization. the fourth is the technical support and guarantee of cloud platform. relying on cloud platform website monitoring, traffic balance, cdn acceleration, cloud shield security management, etc., make full use of cloud advantages and technology security platform to run stably. the “wencai school” online education platform separately customizes and deploys an independent management platform for each school, provides a free platform, provides free data services, and provides customized development services free of charge to meet the needs of the school at different stages of development.

at the meeting, the reporter mainly interviewed two national level continuing education experts, professor yan jichang of tsinghua university and professor li defang of beijing normal university, who gave full affirmation and high praise to "wencai online wisdom university" and its "wencai school" online education platform.

in addition, the conference also focused on launching the online education platform of "wencai school" under the "wencai online wisdom university", focusing on building a new pilot learning center (offline experience center) - wencai learning center (and offline experience store of tmall wencai school). after the completion of nanjing cultural talent learning center (demonstration), cultural talent learning centers will be gradually established in each city where there are students, to create a learning service center model that pioneers the industry, and to gradually improve "traditional education" with "intelligent education" to launch a new standard of cultural talent learning center (and offline experience store of tmall cultural talent school).

through the "wencai online wisdom university" and the arp continuing education alliance strategic conference, with the signing of cooperation immediately and the detailed explanation of the national operation cooperation mode, it shows the spirit of the internet that win-win cooperation and co construction and sharing, reveals that the characteristics of education reform and innovation are "interconnected and lifelong learning". "wencai online smart university" concentrates the education elements on the network platform. the implementation of education will be based on personal choice, truly realize personalized learning, promote the integration of internet and education, and boost the continuing education to turn a new chapter.

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