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the national college modern distance education collaboration group’s report on the public welfare ac -澳门mg真人

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postponing the start of the school and wencai school will not be closed----lemon technology online war "epidemic"

during the special period of prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the spring opening of colleges and universities nationwide was severely affected. on january 27, the ministry of education issued the "notice on the extension of the spring semester of 2020". on february 4, the ministry of education's guiding opinions on doing a good job in the online teaching organization and management of colleges and universities during the epidemic prevention and control period was released. colleges and online education institutions have responded to the call and implemented guidance, relying on the network platform, and actively carried out online teaching activities such as online teaching and online learning to achieve "non-stop teaching, non-stop learning", lemon technology, i.e. wencai school, as ali strategically supported online education experts responded positively.

returning to work ahead of time, no absence for work and no absence for anti epidemic

during the spring festival holiday, the management of wuxi lemon technology service co., ltd. paid close attention to the epidemic prevention and control of the education industry at all times. the ministry of education just proposed to use the network platform, "no suspension of classes", and the company immediately informed all the technical personnel to return to work in advance, and strengthened the online learning platform of wuxi lemon technology service co., ltd. by means of unit duty and long-distance office, implementing a 24-hour customer service hotline to ensure the normal operation of the platform during epidemic prevention and control.

carrying out public welfare activities, helping online teaching public welfare activities in colleges and universities, and helping online teaching in colleges and universities.

on february 3, the online learning platform of lemon science and technology "wencai school" was listed by jiangxi provincial department of education as a free distance learning service institution for vocational colleges. on february 5, the company launched the public welfare activity of "no suspension of classes, no talents on the platform", giving full play to the advantages of the technology and curriculum resources of "wencai school", so as to provide a wide range of classroom teaching for colleges and universities across the country that cannot normally return to school during the epidemic period. there are more than 300 courses in more than 300 major disciplines such as politics and law, medicine and medicine, economics, and teacher training, which help online teaching in colleges and universities. during this period, it has successively opened online learning platforms for many colleges and universities, such as hunan university of technology, jiangxi radio and television university college of applied technology, etc. .

relying on technical advantages, selected into the online teaching technology platform of the ministry of education.

in response to the call, lemon technology actively applied to the ministry of education for online teaching curriculum resources and technical support service plans. with more than ten years of strong technical advantages in online education, information platform research and development and service, it was selected as the second batch of new pneumonia in the ministry of education together with aliyun university, tencent classroom, baidu yunzhi college, huawei cloud classroom and other well-known domestic online education platforms   that support online teaching in colleges during epidemic prevention and control. the platform is the only medical professional teaching platform that provides online teaching of medical virtual simulation experiments for more than 100 medical colleges across the country, involving more than 600 teaching products in 22 medical discipline categories, and the first batch of registered students exceeds 438,000. the number of elective courses reached 8.68 million, and the number of elective courses for some courses exceeded 10,000.

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