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we are fighting the epidemic——suspending on-澳门mg真人

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online education brand "wencai school" actively supports and responds to the requirements of national prevention and control work, and fully cooperates with the new tasks and requirements of continuing education under the epidemic prevention and control in colleges and universities. at present, all technical personnel of the company have resumed work in advance, struggling to work in front-line jobs. "wencai school" has opened the online learning function for the former adult students of the school of continuing education of hunan university of technology during the epidemic period. after the 2020 freshmen information is imported into the platform, the first semester online learning can be started.

the company is in close contact with other collaborating colleges and universities to understand the work arrangements and requirements during the epidemic prevention, and to provide technical support and online platform services for college continuing education in a timely manner.

to fight against the new coronavirus epidemic, we will join hands with you

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