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to parents: initiatives for family life at home -澳门mg真人

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dear parents:

hello! recently, it should be the time for children to return to kindergarten happily. affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, in order to stop the spread of the epidemic to the campus and ensure the health and safety of teachers and students, we will shift our focus to high-quality families education career. here, the following advocacy is proposed.

1. observe good hygiene habits together

keep in mind the key habits related to epidemic prevention, such as: not going out, not playing together, wearing masks when going out, washing hands at home, and disinfecting toys in a timely manner. parents should pay attention to the interaction with their children every time they wash their hands and wash, and take hygiene as a necessary, healthy and pleasant thing to implement.

2. jointly abide by scientific work and rest requirements

in special periods, sleep time can be increased appropriately, but at the same time, we must ensure the scientific nature of daily life and rest. it is recommended that parents and their children work together to formulate a daily life schedule, which should be arranged reasonably and lead by example. early bedtime, early rise, regular meals, reasonable diet, and maintain the normal law of family life. pay attention to avoid allowing children to use mobile phones and computers for a long time, so as not to affect vision, rely on electronic products, and weaken the ability to actively explore.

3. participate in family work together

in a special period, let children participate in labor, feel the glory and fun of labor, and enhance the awareness and ability of self-care and responsibility. you can discuss the family labor plan with your child, determine the content, degree, time, frequency, etc. of the work according to the child's actual ability level, discuss with the child why and how to work at an appropriate and natural time, and strengthen their positive emotions for participating in work and progressive performance.

4. participate in indoor sports together

it is not suitable to go outdoors during the epidemic prevention period. the biggest impact is exercise. however, no matter how large or small the home interior space is, exercise has unlimited possibilities: you can re-lay idle climbing mats and challenge to balance various limbs with your children; and there is infinite possibility for drilling, climbing, straddling and jumping; you can ask the teacher to share the children's morning exercises music in the kindergarten, let the children become our teacher to lead us ecerxise together...

5. participate in reading activities together

have a fixed time every day (recommended at least 30 minutes at a time) to read quietly. parents and children can read separately, or accompany reading. parents can tell and the children to listen, or children can tell and the parents to listen. besides, you can talk about it or make it up, can watch it, can draw it or act it.

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